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Your Guide To NMN Powder

by: Adam Singfield
June 19, 2023

More and more people are using NMN dietary supplements to lengthen their lives, promote DNA repair and enhance their health. But what exactly is pure NMN powder , and what’s the best way to take pure NMN powder for the best outcomes?

Read on to find out!

What Is NMN?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a coenzyme in different body cells composed of three elements: nicotinamide, ribose, and a phosphate group. These subunits of the NMN compound form a building block of DNA and RNA in the body.

Function Of NMN

NMN is a raw material used in the production of NAD+ (the oxidized version of NAD). NAD+, similar to NMN, is a coenzyme that facilitates different mitochondrial activities and other processes at the cellular level. NMN is also essential for metabolism and helps produce the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy necessary for various cellular activities.

This magic anti-aging molecule is essential for preserving cell health, strengthening the blood-brain barrier, and sustaining our metabolic processes. Without it, the body is more prone to age-related illnesses, including diabetes, neurological diseases, heart disease, and cancer.

Because NAD+ levels decrease with aging, many people use NMN supplements to increase their levels. The human body then absorbs NMN, converts it into NAD+, and uses it for various metabolic and cellular activities.

Types Of NMN Supplements

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) dietary supplements come in two forms: NMN capsules/pills and powder.

If you can’t get your hands on the powder or pills, there are natural ways to boost NMN. Research has proven that you can replenish your NMN levels by eating more cabbages, avocado, edamame, and cucumber, as these foods have traces of NMN.

However, research shows that taking NMN dietary supplement​ as a supplement helps you maximize its anti-aging benefits. But not every NMN dietary supplement is made equally. Depending on their degrees of purity, different powders can have varying concentrations of NMN compounds.

NMN Powder Cost And Quality

A quality product with high purity and concentrations of NMN will cost more. Some manufacturers mix their NMN supplement with other substances to lower the total price, and these different substances may have similar beneficial effects. That said, others cut their formula with harmful ingredients.

We recommend viewing product detail pages to learn more about the supplement facts. Also, check the seller’s rank and reviews to verify trustworthiness before buying any NMN product.

Benefits Of Taking NMN Pills vs Powder

The benefits of either NMN pills or powder are tied to their dosage, absorption rates, and bioavailability.

Clinical research indicated that NMN powder is effective at doses below 1500 mg. For instance, 500 mg powder was tested in a study on the impact of NMN on the blood cells of middle-aged persons. It was discovered that participants’ telomere length and numbers of gut bacteria were both considerably boosted by NMN administration.

According to another research, NMN powder begins to function shortly after entering the body. Within 15 minutes, it is automatically delivered into different body cells and tissues, indicating that effects may be seen quite rapidly as opposed to the slow-release pills.

However, according to research that administered 2 pills of 250 mg each, NMN pill supplementation may help elderly persons feel less sleepy during the day. Other short-term effects included increased energy and attentiveness.

Side Effects Of Taking NMN Powder

It should be safe to take NMN, and no adverse side effects have been clearly linked to doses under 500 mg. That said, some users have reported the following side effects after taking higher doses of NMN powder:

  • Headaches
  • Flushing
  • Cramping

Who Should Take NMN Powder?

People who should take NMN powder include:

  • The elderly: NMN has been proven to reverse aging and help treat age-related chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity.
  • Healthy adults: NMN can boost energy and improve physical health in healthy adults.
  • Athletes: NMN can help athletes improve their athletic performance and muscle endurance. These supplements also help to reduce recovery time for tissue and muscle tears during intense exercise.
  • Bodybuilders: NMN increases energy metabolism in the body. Hence this is important for bodybuilders because they’ll have more energy to lift heavier weights and gain muscle easier.
  • People with drug addiction: NMN has been proven to help treat addiction. Particularly, NMN, the precursor of NAD+, regenerates and repairs cells damaged by drug use. Additionally, NMN suppresses appetite and cravings for the drugs.

As far as dosages go, they’re different for different groups of people depending on their needs. The best NMN dosage for individuals between the ages of 30 and 60 is often said to be 500 mg daily. To optimize the advantages of NMN, those over 65 years old have found benefits from taking 750 mg daily.

The Best Way To Take NMN: Powder vs Pills

You can take NMN sublingually or orally, depending on the supplement’s formulation.

In early research, NMN was directly injected into the stomach of mice. This led many to conclude that NMN cannot be given orally. More recent research, however, demonstrates that mice readily absorb NMN when it is introduced to their food or drinking water. The NMN enters their bloodstream and is transformed into NAD+, raising the NAD+ levels after a couple of minutes. NAD+ is a crucial coenzyme for sirtuin proteins that rebuild DNA and perform other cellular functions.

Additionally, the mice that consumed the NMN in their food or water had a variety of health advantages, including a noticeable boost in energy, improved eyesight, neuronal function, greater insulin sensitivity, and healthy body weight.

Whether you take NMN sublingually or swallow it as a pill, recent research has discovered that NMN can directly be released into the cells because of a new NMN carrier protein called Slc12a8. This protein, commonly found in the small intestines, attaches to the NMN enzyme and transports it directly across different cells.

How To Take NMN Powder Sublingually

You can self-administer any powder dose by combining it with water or natural yogurt. You can also take the powder sublingually for quicker diffusion into the bloodstream and mucous membranes of the mouth. Place the powder under your tongue and let it melt away. This allows the NMN to be broken down in the mouth and absorbed directly without further digestion in the stomach.

Since the sublingual approach enters the bloodstream directly, it has a rapid absorption rate. Additionally, because it does not pass through your digestive system, you receive more advantages because none are lost through digestion.

How To Take NMN Pills Or Capsules

The capsule is a more conventional form of supplement formulation. NMN pills facilitate a staggered delivery of NMN into the bloodstream and cells.

NMN pills are capsulated to ensure it delivers NMN straight to the small intestine, avoiding corrosive and acidic stomach conditions for increased absorption. The delayed release of the oral approach is beneficial since it might lower the amount you need to ingest to sustain the benefits.

Best Time To Take NMN

The best time to take your NMN is early morning, at least an hour before breakfast. Anecdotally, people who take NMN in the morning claim that it provides an instant energy boost that can help you get through the day.

However, Japanese research shows that it might be beneficial for older adults (above 65) to take their NMN pills in the afternoon as it increases limb performance and reduces daytime drowsiness.


NMN compounds are considered a miracle supplement because of the vast benefits of healthy aging and improving physical and metabolic health. But because NMN levels in the body decline with age, it’s beneficial for individuals to consume NMN powder to replenish these levels. Research shows higher NMN levels translate to better energy production and physical health.

NMN Powder FAQs

Can I take my NMN powder in the afternoon?

Yes, you can take NMN powder in the afternoon. This has proven to be especially beneficial for elderly adults. That said, the ideal time to take it for most healthy adults is in the morning or within six hours of waking up.

Can I take dry NMN powder?

Yes, you can take dry powder sublingually by placing it under your tongue.

Is it safe to chug NMN powder mixed with water?

Yes, it should be safe to take your powder mixed with water. However, make sure you’re not forcing anything down your throat, and consume it immediately. NMN mixed with liquid is more unstable and will expire sooner.

What happens when I stop taking NMN powder?

When you stop taking the powder, your body goes back to producing its natural NMN levels.

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