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NMN Benefits

by: Editorial Team
September 25, 2023

How do you ensure healthy aging? Many people use supplements to improve the heart and brain, maintain a healthy weight, and slow the aging process. These supplements include NMN, a compound with anti-aging benefits and protection against age-related diseases.

If you’re interested in taking NMN supplements, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about its health benefits.

What Is NMN?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally-occurring nucleotide found in various foods. It is a critical component in the cellular energy production system and a newly studied therapeutic agent for age-related complications.

NMN is a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which controls all the body’s metabolic processes. As people get older, NAD+ production slows, making it more difficult for the body to catalyze normal functions.

Fortunately, NMN administration can encourage NAD+ production, replenishing levels and preventing further DNA damage. NMN is currently available on the market as a popular and therapeutic drug that protects against age-related diseases.

How Does NMN Work?

Orally-administered NMN is rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream and converted into NAD+. It then triggers NAD+ biosynthesis, suppressing age-related inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, increasing brain function, and more.

Top Advantages Of NMN Supplements

As mentioned, NMN produces NAD+, which controls over 400 metabolic reactions in the body. Below are some of the advantages of increasing your NMN levels:


Mitochondria, known popularly as the powerhouse of the cell, decreases as you age. The older you become, the more your cells become senescent or stop dividing. Mitochondrial dysfunctions can lead to age-associated physiological decline and put you at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

While longevity clinical trials of NMN are still in their infancy, clinical trials in animals have proven that the supplement increases the lifespan of rodents, worms, and flies. In addition, NMN is proven to reduce fat mass growth, restrict age-associated weight gain, and ensure healthy longevity.

Brain HealthNMN supplement advantage

As NAD+ production declines, so does brain function. Brain blood vessels dilate slower, impeding oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain. Thus, the only way for the brain to function correctly is with uninterrupted blood flow.

A 2019 clinical study in Redox Biology found that elderly mice supplemented with NMN had better memory retention and neurovascular health. Overall, the study concluded that NMN improved the cerebral blood flow system.


High insulin resistance typically leads to type 2 diabetes, significant weight gain, and high blood pressure. People with existing metabolic disorders are more likely to develop diabetes.

Taking NMN improves insulin sensitivity, utilizing blood glucose more effectively and lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Cardiac Health

Currently, heart disease is the leading cause of death for older adults worldwide. When the blood vessels stiffen, oxidative stress can restrict blood flow, preventing the heart from pumping effectively. For the heart to function normally, it requires a significant amount of energy.

When NMN produces NAD+, it enhances energy metabolism, improving heart health and reducing the chances of developing a cardiac disease.

Eye Health

The eye is often the most impacted by the aging process. Lower NAD+ levels lead to neurodegeneration and, eventually, vision loss. With NMN, tear production increases, keeping the eyes moistened and less prone to injury.

NMN-stimulated DNA repair also reduces inflammation and produces healthy proteins, protecting against eye disease.


When women experience menopause, the quality of oocytes decreases along with maternal egg health. However, a 2020 Cell Reports study proved that aged mice who received a low dose of NMN saw an improvement in reproductive health organs and body temperature.

These mice also became pregnant faster and were less likely to experience complications. In addition, the weight-managing properties of NMN made it easier for the mice to maintain healthy pregnancies.

In a similar study, mice who received an NMN dose of 200 mg/kg restored immature egg cells and reversed free radical damage, enhancing overall fertilization.

These recent clinical trials suggest that women can potentially maintain healthy pregnancies until they are 50. Fertility clinics predict that non-invasive low-dose NMN therapy can increase fertility for more extended periods with minimal risk.

Stem Cell Health

Stem cells are responsible for repairing tissue and enhancing the human body’s self-healing capabilities and gene expression. However, cellular processes decline as you age, making it more challenging for the body to undergo self-renewal.

With NMN, stem cell health improves, increasing the production of red blood cells and enabling endothelial cells to perform at their highest.

How To Take NMN

For NMN to be effective, healthcare professionals recommend taking a dose of 500 mg daily for adults between 30 and 50. If you are over 65, the recommended dose is 750 mg daily.

However, these dosages may vary depending on age, body weight, and overall health. Generally, most doctors will prescribe a dosage of 300 mg per kg. Heavier adults who weigh 90 kg or more should take 750 mg daily regardless of age.

You can take NMN as a single daily dose or break them up into two doses daily, with or without food.

As for side effects, studies have proven that there currently are none. Generally, doses up to 500 mg daily are safe for human intake, though it is possible to take more than this without experiencing adverse effects.

Types Of NMN

There are four primary methods by which you can take NMN. Depending on your age and existing health conditions, here are a few considerations for the best delivery method.


Sublingual NMN is one of the best ways to absorb the product as quickly as possible and maximize its benefits. Mix NMN powder into a glass of water according to your specific dose. Alternatively, you can let the powder dissolve directly under your tongue.


If you prefer a slower release of NMN into the bloodstream, you can ingest it in capsules. Capsules are a popular way to consume NMN because of how stable this anti-aging molecule is in the gut and the blood. Any amounts of nicotinamide riboside (NR) already in the body immediately break down in the liver, increasing NAD+ levels.

You can safely mix capsules with other anti-aging supplements. Some capsules will even dissolve in water if you have trouble swallowing pills.


Another popular way to consume NMN is through acid-resistant tablets with an even slower release than capsules. Unlike capsules, tablets elevate NAD+ levels for longer periods, particularly within the small intestine.


Taking NMN in lozenge form helps it quickly absorb into the bloodstream while avoiding the gastrointestinal tract. However, lozenges may not be the most effective way to boost NMN’s benefits, as it isn’t typically as potent as tablets or sublingual deliveries.

The Science Behind The Benefits Of NMN

There have been numerous clinical trials proving the anti-aging benefits of NMN.

In 2019, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory proved that synthesizing NMN into NR significantly increased NAD+ levels in the muscles, demonstrating anti-inflammatory properties.

In a 2021 study by The Scripps Research Institute and The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, NMN was proven to prolong the lifespan of worms, yeast, and mice.

Following animal-focused research also proved NMN’s ability to improve cardiovascular health, metabolic function, and muscle generation.

Other studies assessing the safety of NMN for human consumption have concluded that a daily dose of 500 mg delivers the most favorable results.

Picking The Best NMN Supplement

No two NMN supplements are identical, so picking the right one for your specific needs can be challenging. Remember the following pointers when shopping for an NMN product that will benefit you the most.

Review The Company

A good NMN manufacturer should be reputable. Read customer reviews – is the feedback primarily positive or negative? If you come across negative feedback, check for company responses – did they resolve the issue?

You can also review NMN company ratings on the Better Business Bureau website, which provides a company rating and lists any complaints.

When in doubt, you can contact the company directly. Note how long it takes their representatives to reply and if they provide the information you need to make an informed decision about their products.

Read About Facility Practices

Producing NMN pills is a complex process, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the standard procedures involved and whether they are safe. You’ll know an NMN production facility is secure if it is FDA-registered and compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

GMP certification indicates that a facility has the appropriate equipment and comprehensive training programs for manufacturers.

In addition, you’ll want to note whether the facility is climate controlled, as NMN is particularly sensitive to temperature changes. In higher temperatures, NMN degrades.

Look At Product Purity

The best NMN products will have a purity of at least 99%. On top of this, you’ll also want to check if a specific product contains filler ingredients like egg, gluten, or soy.

Finally, it can help to determine whether product purity is tested directly on the supplement or if a company is using a competitor as a benchmark. Reputable companies will test their products, not compare them to competing ones.

Create Grading Criteria

When comparing NMN products, it can help to develop standardized criteria. For instance, you’ll want to look at the following:

  • Product description: How a company markets its NMN products can significantly impact your decision more than you might anticipate. For instance, a product description that accurately outlines its benefits and provides all the relevant information you need is likely trustworthy.
  • Ingredients: Ensure that the product does not have filler ingredients like soy or gluten.
  • Price: NMN is not cheap. If a supplement seems too good to be true price-wise, it likely is!
  • Global ratings: Don’t just trust a number – check in-depth reviews.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee: NMN products are not for everyone. If you find that NMN isn’t for you, check that the company you’ve purchased from provides a money-back guarantee.

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of NMN

As with any therapeutic or dietary supplement, there are other ways to increase NMN’s effectiveness in combating age-related illnesses. To maximize NMN benefits against age-related decline, introduce these habits into your daily life.

NAD rich foodsConsume NAD+ Rich Foods

As mentioned above, NMN occurs naturally in specific foods. You can promote NAD+ production by consuming the following types of food:

  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Edamame
  • Broccoli

Compared to fruits and vegetables, meats and shrimp contain significantly less NMN. Remember that while these foods contain NMN, they cannot help you achieve the daily recommended dose alone.

In addition to introducing these foods into your diet, you should also know what to avoid. Foods like gluten and dairy can trigger inflammation in the gut and impede NAD+ production.

Get Ample Exercise

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase your NAD+ levels is to get regular exercise. Exercise not only improves metabolism and increases strength but also increases intracellular NAD+ levels.

However, exercise can feel like a chore for most. The solution? Find simpler ways to introduce exercise into your routine. You don’t have to adopt an entire HIIT routine to optimize your NAD+ production. Instead, you can ease into long walks or try yoga at home.

When your body becomes accustomed to regular exercise, it can, along with NMN supplements, increase blood flow to the brain and slow skeletal muscle aging.

Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Your circadian rhythm or internal body clock influences your physical and emotional responses over a 24-hour cycle. Circadian rhythms also regulate NAD+ synthesis. Naturally, when you get better-quality sleep, the more you produce NAD+.

However, you don’t just want to get more sleep – you want to improve your overall sleep quality. There are several ways you can improve your sleep quality, such as:

  • Adhering to a regular sleep schedule
  • Taking a natural sleeping aid like melatonin
  • Spending regular time under the sun to increase melatonin production
  • Avoiding sources of blue light, which suppress your melatonin production
  • Avoiding eating at least three hours before bed
  • Sleeping in a dark environment or wearing a sleeping mask
  • Putting away distractions at least an hour before bed

Take NMN Alongside Other Supplements

Another way to enhance the effects of NMN is to take it alongside other beneficial supplements. A few supplements you can introduce into your daily diet include the following:

  • Niacinamide: Like NMN, niacinamide, the active form of vitamin B3, is one of many NAD+ precursors that can prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. Also known as an energy supplement, niacinamide is helpful for exercise.
  • Leucine: This amino acid is popular with bodybuilders and athletes because of its ability to speed up energy metabolism. While you can take leucine as a supplement, you can also find it in foods like turkey, chicken, and fish.
  • Resveratrol: This beneficial antioxidant that occurs naturally in grapes, raspberries, and dark chocolate improves neuronal function by increasing NAD+ levels in brain cells.
  • Nicotinamide riboside: NR is another NAD+ precursor that improves mitochondrial function and can increase NAD+ levels by up to 2.7-fold. In addition, it enhances cognitive function.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a neurotoxin that disrupts the blood-brain barrier, increasing cortisol levels, and inflammation. It can also cause oxidative stress, forcing your heart to work harder to pump blood. Recent clinical trials have shown that alcohol intake also slows NAD+ production.

If it is impossible to avoid alcohol entirely, aim to reduce your intake significantly.

The Bottom Line

Age-related changes are impossible to prevent. However, you can slow age-associated decline by taking NMN. Several clinical trials with animal models have proven many NMN benefits, such as preventing metabolic disorders, increasing insulin sensitivity, enhancing tolerance of physical activity, and other beneficial effects.

If NMN supplementation is something you want to introduce into your daily routine, Pure NMN can increase NAD+ production and slow aging over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About NMN Benefits

When should you start taking NMN for optimal effectiveness?

You should start taking NMN by 30, the age at which NAD+ production begins to decline. If you start taking NMN younger, you may not need as high a dose.

How much NMN should you take for it to be effective?

You should take NMN daily at a dose of 500 mg if you are between the ages of 30 and 50. If you are above 65 years old, increase your NMN dose to 750 mg.

How much NMN you take will also depend on your body weight. The recommended dose is 300 mg/kg.

How can you boost the benefits of NMN?

You can boost the benefits of NMN by supplementing your regimens with a balanced and fibrous diet, regular exercise, sufficient rest, and regular health checkups.

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